Entangled with Water

Seeking to explore the socio-technical view on infrastructure, we look at the design process of water sensitive cities infrastructure in six informal settlements in Makassar, Indonesia.

Part 1
A photo-diary of Makassar is a glimpse into a formal and informal city that lies on a swampy estuary. From here, step into kampungs, places rich with life that rapidly change. Then, it is time to hear a story of 7 toilets, as an introduction of a design problem: water entanglements

Part 2
The design process that is focused on complex things and relations is not only about the tools for designing. Designers, panritas, are getting lost and found inside the maze of perspectives. We should explore things that are not usually told: the making and humming.

Part 3
If the water sensitive infrastructure is to be integrated in many futures, it needs to start communicating. Here is a wetland that tells about her journey. 

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A misplaced toilet
*where we see the clash of tradition, urban forms and water infrastructure

Where water meets the house
*where water creates a microcosm of overlaps

Life in a cabinet
*where we see a strong relationships between things and people, and how the need for change is locked in the entanglement

A toilet that is not for me
*where we see a toilet that fails, time and again, in being part of life in a kampung

The invisible toilet
*where we see how water connects things and people, with other people and other things, and how we choose not to see the whole picture because we don’t have the means to design it

Water as a gift
*where we see how water flows through social infrastructure as much as through pipes

Dirt on my face
*where dignity is above physiological needs